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Old IE, New Vagrant

I've been messing around with Vagrantfor a few weeks now, on and off, to manage my Linux VMs on my Win8.1 box with Hyper-V.  So far, it's been working well, barring a few caveats due primarily to MSIT's restrictive proxy settings (although I could find out it's really just a PEBKACissue).  I love the idea behind the tool, as managing your dev box is a pain and keeping VMs up to date is not much better.

Well, the folks at and my MSOpenTech colleague have now converted a bunch of their VMs over to Vagrant!  If you're not familiar with - it's a site the IE team set up to ensure that folks didn't need to have a host of ancient Windows XP machines with crufty IE6 installs in order to do cross-browser testing.  They already had a host of VMs up there that'll run on everything from Parallels to Virtual Box - this just extends those to allow you to "vagrant up" whichever ones you need.  They're looking for people to help them evaluate, to gauge interest and uncover issues - if you have the need and the time, I would encourage you to go take a look, and read the official blog post.

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