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About Me And This Blog

This blog is the ramblings of Michael Lanzetta - sometimes on software development, sometimes on video games, occasionally on other topics. I'm currently a software developer at Microsoft, but have worked in the past at Amazon, and other smaller companies (Accelrys, Talus/Manugistics, Ultima Interconnect Technologies). For the past several years, I've been working on large-scale distributed systems primarily in the middle-tier, but I have an abiding interest in systems programming, machine learning, and general software development practices. I'm constantly seeking ways to improve myself as a programmer, and I find that programming in a variety of languages is one of those - broadening perspectives and making you consider the implicit constraints inherent in your day-to-day language of choice.

Notes on the blog: In some of my posts, I've included links to products on Amazon (typically books). These include my affiliates ID - all money I make from my Amazon Affiliates account, I just roll over into my annual donation to the EFF.  So if you're worried about me using this blog as a cash-cow, you can rest easy, but if you don't want to give to the EFF just remember to remove the affiliate link before you buy.